H ES I Unit 4 Climate Change

IPCC September 30, 2013 Climate Report
A climate minute - good intro video for the unit
Interactive Climate Map (temps --compare temp changes at the equator versus poles!)
Quick clip of climate change in the past 63 years.  (scroll to the bottom)...getting warmer!
Milankovitch Cycles ...if you don't like Mrs. Poulsen's accent (or lack of) you might appreciate this guy's :)
Unit 4 wrapped up in a monologue by this science guy.  Watch a little at a time...watch it often...you'll begin to recognize content seen in class...take notes! :)
GREAT Climate Change interactive website from the EPA.  It emphasizes greenhouse gases as a cause of global warming (which it is), but it does not highlight other natural causes (like Milakovitch and sun cycles)...so don't forget those too!  But this site has a short video that is very good (less than 2 min) and page tabs to impacts and effects.  GREAT!

Daniall Poulsen,
Apr 27, 2015, 10:54 AM