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Biology 1st Sem

WHEN ABSENT: Check agenda, gather copies from extra copy bin. Turn in any due assignments. You are responsible...it is expected. :)

Warm ups:

Write datequestion short answer.
Absent? Make this up!
Accumulate for 2 weeks, then turn in.  
Every day is 1 point.
MON 11/30
WU: Name the two organelles associated with ENERGY.
A: Unit 4 Photosynthesis & Respiration Intro - U4S1 Taskwork time (Final quiz WED)
TUES 12/1
WU: What is the difference between an autotroph and a heterotroph (give an example of each)?
A: Review U4S1 game - U4S1 taskwork time **Get all work done and graded ...tomorrow is the final quiz!
WED 12/2
WU: No warm up
A: U4S1 Final QUIZ - - U4S2 taskwork time (Final QUIZ FRI)
THUR 12/3
WU: What did Priestley and Ingenhousz discover?
A: Write out the photosynthesis equation (together)-discuss -  U4S2 Taskwork time - Make sure all work is completed and graded (Final Quiz tomorrow!)
FRI 12/4
DUE: WU: Write out the balanced equation for photosynthesis in symbols and words.
A: U4S2 Final QUIZ - U4S3 Intro & Taskwork time (Final QUIZ WED)
MON 12/7
A: - U4S3 taskwork time
TUES 12/8
NEW: WU: What goes into the light reactions (light dependent) of photosynthesis?
A: Chloroplast vocab activity & Photosynthesis Reactions activity  - U4S3 Taskwork time -Test corrections - **Be sure all work and grading complete before you leave (Final QUIZ tomorrow!)
WED 12/9
WU:  Name the product of the Calvin cycle.
A: U4S3 Final QUIZ - Cellular Respiration balanced equation (together...discussion) - U4S4 Taskwork time (FINAL QUIZ MON)
THUR 12/10
WU: Write out the equation of cellular respiration in words and symbols.
A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYQPQEOdCU8 Page 14 together (Mitochondria diagram & processes) - LAB (respiration) - U4S4 taskwork time
FRI 12/11
WU: Where do each occur and how much ATP comes out each?  
A: U4S4 Taskwork time **Be sure all work and grading is complete before you leave (Final QUIZ Monday!)
MON 12/14
WU: The products of photosynthesis are the ______________ in cellular respiration.
A: 10 min to stamp/grade/study!! -  U4S4 Final QUIZ - Pg 16 Foldable...explain and begin work (DUE TOMORROW)
TUE 12/15
WU: The world as we know it cannot function without autotrophs.  Explain.
A: DUE: Foldable (turn in before you leave today) - U4S5 taskwork time 
WED 12/16
WU: The oxygen we breath in is taken in during the _____________________ (which of the 3 reactions) of cellular respiration.
A: Finish U4S5 taskwork today!  Begin unit review work (TEST FRI)
THUR 12/17
WU:  Photosynthesis removes _________ from the atmosphere, while respiration puts it back in.
A: Unit review (complete, stamp & grade) -HW: STUDY!!
FRI 12/18
DUE: WU:  Which produces the most ATP...aerobic resp, anaerobic resp, fermentation, glycolysis?  
A: DUE: Taskwork, notes & review - Unit 4 TEST  
MON 1/4
NEW: WU: Write a break highlight :).
A:  Unit 4 test corrections - Intro to Unit 5 cell division why do cells divide?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mOroGqJ_Uk  (begin taskwork) **U5S1 final quiz Tuesday next week!
TUES 1/5
WU:  Your normal body cells divide into 2 identical cells by the process of ______________.
A:  Diagrams (cell cycle & mitosis) - 
Mitosis video (6 min) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofjyw7ARP1c - U5S1 taskwork time
WED 1/6
WU: Name the phases of mitosis in order.
A: (laptops) Mitosis -Internet lesson - U5S1 taskwork time
THUR 1/7
WU: Draw a chromosome and label the sister chromatids & centromere.
A:  Mitosis PMAT picture activities & Paper activity - U5S1 Taskwork time 
FRI 1/8
WU:  Name the 3 phases that make up interphase.  Include what primarily happens in each.
A: Cell cycle & Mitosis review game (class) - Complete 2 notes pages in packet together - U5S1 taskwork time
MON 1/11
WU:  During interphase DNA exists as loose ______________, but then tighten up as ________________ during prophase of mitosis.
A: Finish U5S1 Taskwork - make sure you have completed & graded everything!  Final Quiz tomorrow!
TUES 1/12
WED 1/13
WU:  Why do cells divide?
A:  U5S1 QUIZ - Teacher's Pet Mitosis & Meiosis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWw-S3t8XMw  - U5S2 intro and taskwork time  **U5S2 Final Quiz MON
THUR 1/14
WU: Write 2 ways meiosis differs from mitosis.
A: Review - U5S2 taskwork time
FRI 1/15
DUE: WU:  What is the haploid number for humans?  ...Diploid #?
A: Picture sort - Finish U5S2 taskwork **be sure to finish & grade all assignments ...Final quiz Monday!
MON 1/18
NEW: WU: Chromosomes pair up (1 from mom & 1 from dad).  What are these pairs called?
A:U5S2 Final Quiz - U5S3 intro teacher's pet genes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDYbbi5S_zQ 
TUES 1/19
WU:  What is a karyotype and why would a person get one made?
A:  (laptops) Chromosome online activity "Chromosomal Disorders" 
WED 1/20
WU: What are the sex chromosomes for males and females.
A: Finish U5S3 Taskwork  - Final Quiz tomorrow!  - Exam review work time (DUE before the exam =10% exam grade)
THUR 1/21
WU:  The chromosomes that are NOT sex chromosomes are called ___________________.
A: U5S3 Final Quiz - **Unit 5 packets & notes will be turned in before the exam also - Exam review work time (DUE before the exam)
FRI 1/22
DUE: WU:  Name the macromolecules and the monomer for each.
A: Who wants to ace the final?  - Exam review work time (DUE before the exam)

WED 9/9
WU: ...starts tomorrow
A: Names (seating chart)/PRIDE/syllabus/Safety contract (DUE FRI)/silent sit
THUR 9/10
WU:  Write something unique about YOU. :)
A: Nature of science board
Combining scientific knowledge
Unit 1 Seg 1 
FRI 9/11
WU:  What is science?  What is NOT science?  What is biology?
A: Story of spontaneous generation and Redi  -  Prove vs Support  -  
U1 S1 taskwork time (U1S1 Final QUIZ TUESDAY) 
MON 9/14
WU:  What hypothesis was Redi testing?  Describe his experiment.
A: Taskwork time -  HW: finish taskwork, prep for quiz!
TUES 9/15
WU:  The idea (Redi's experiment did not support) that life can arise from non-living matter is called _____________________.
A: FINAL QUIZ (U1S1) Puzzle Activity -  vocab work  -  U1S2 task time  (U1S2 final QUIZ Monday...make your plan of when you will do what...)
WED 9/16
WU:  If more fertilizer is used, then the tomato plants will grow bigger.  Identify: Ind. var., dep.var. and control variables.
A:  U1S2 taskwork time      REMINDER: Final quiz MONDAY
THUR 9/17
WU:  Write a hypothesis for practice time impacting game performance.  Identify variables.
A: Scientific method terms review  -  Review controlled experiment and variables - U1S2 task time   REMINDER: Final quiz MONDAY
FRI 9/18
DUE: WU: Write down qualitative data about your desk.  How is this different from quantitative data?
A: Cardwork -  U1S2 task time  REMEMBER: you should have everything completed and graded before you leave today :)
HW: prep for U1S2 FINAL QUIZ Monday!
MON 9/21
NEW: WU: A scientific investigation BEGINS with _____________________.
A: U1S2 FINAL QUIZ - Controlled experiment rubric - Fantasy Experiment
TUES 9/22
WU: Write your question & hypothesis.
A: Fantasy experiment work time (DUE tomorrow)
WED 9/23
WU:  What is the purpose of the control variables?  How are these different from a control group in an experiment?
A: DUE: Fantasy experiment ...GRADE  -  Intro Toilet paper controlled experiment
THUR 9/24
WU:  Write your research question and hypothesis for the paper lab.
A: Toilet paper controlled experiment -WRITE UP FIRST, then run tests  
FRI 9/25
WU: no warm up
A: Toilet paper controlled experiment - WRITE FIRST, then run tests
MON 9/28
WU: When making a graph of your data, what kind of data should you include?
A: Finish Toilet paper controlled experiment
TUES 9/29
WU:  Did your experiment support your hypothesis?  Explain.  Is it still good science if it didn't?  Explain.
A:  DUE: Experiment Write up (share results)  - SAT TUESDAY  - Segment 3 Intro and work time
WED 9/30
WU:  List the criteria for something to be considered alive.
A:  The Martian and the Car Debate  - U1S3 taskwork time 
THUR 10/1
WU:  Debate...Living OR nonliving:  Bicycle   (Backup argument with criteria)
A:  Is it living or non? activity  -  U1S3 Taskwork time 
FRI 10/2
DUE: WU:  What is the basic unit of life?
A: Levels of organization -  U1S3 Taskwork time - YOU MUST HAVE EVERYTHING complete and graded before you leave today (U1S3 FINAL QUIZ MONDAY)
MON 10/5
NEW: WU:  How are long & short-term equilibrium terms connected to the term homeostasis?
TUES 10/6
WU: Can a theory change over time?  Explain.
A: DUE: Notes & Taskwork, Unit review (turn in)  -  Unit 1 TEST  - Unit 2 Seg 1
WED 10/7
WU: Draw an atom and label the subatomic particles.
A: SAT WED -  Unit 2 Seg 1 taskwork (U2S1 final quiz is FRI)    Unit 1 Individual Conferences (reflections)
THUR 10/8
WU: Contrast ionic, covalent and hydrogen bonds.
A: Vocab SPEEDWORK competition - Unit 2 Seg 1 Taskwork ---YOU MUST BE DONE completing AND grading all taskwork & practice quiz by the time you leave today!!  -U2S1 FINAL QUIZ TOMORROW!  
FRI 10/9
WU: Draw the pH scale and label acid, base and neutral sections.
A: U2S1 Final QUIZ - Unit 1 TEST CORRECTIONS Unit 1 Individual conferences (reflections)
MON 10/12
WU:  Why are macromolecules important for your body?
A: Intro Unit 2 Segment 2 Macromolecules!!  Nutrient Activity & discussion - U2S2 Taskwork time (Final QUIZ next week MONDAY)  Unit 1 Individual conferences (reflections)
TUES 10/13
WU: Name the 4 macromolecules and write the monomer for each.
A: - Webquest (Finish at home turn in THUR b4 you leave class - Part 2 & 3 EXTRA CREDIT 10pts!) (B,O laptop carts)- U2S2 Taskwork time  **REMEMBER: You will not have this class tomorrow.  Continue your work...make your plan - work your plan.  Be ready to take the U2S2 final quiz MONDAY!
WED 10/14
Thur 10/15
WU: Compare these 2 images (top & bottom).  
A: **WEBQUEST (required & extra credit DUE TOMORROW) (B,O laptop carts) -   U2S2 Taskwork time 
FRI 10/16
DUE: WU:  No warm up - DUE, TURN IN
A: DUE: webquest (required & extra credit)  - 2 taskwork time  - (finish completing and grading everything!)  FINAL QUIZ MONDAY!
MON 10/19
NEW: WU:  Categorize the following list into monomers vs polymers: Glucose , polysaccharide, DNA, nucleotide, amino acid, monosaccharide, starch, glycerol/fatty acid
A: U2S2 Final QUIZ - LAB: TESTING for macromolecules! (Final quiz Friday - Unit TEST Tuesday next week!)
TUES 10/20
WU:  What do you think a protein drink would test positive for (protein, glucose, starch)?  Explain.
A: Finish LAB: TESTING for macromolecules (unknowns) - U2S3 Taskwork time
WED 10/21
WU:TRUE or FALSE:  If starch is broken down (hydrolysis), it would eventually test positive for simple sugars (glucose).
A:  U2S3 taskwork time  
THUR 10/22
A: U2S3 Taskwork time   -MUST have all taskwork done and graded before you leave today!  FINAL QUIZ TOMORROW!!   UNIT TEST WEDNESDAY!!
FRI 10/23
A: U2S3 Final QUIZ - Unit 2 review sheet  (TEST WED)
MON 10/26 
WU:  What two types of reactions do enzymes speed up?  (think about the only reactions you've learned about in this class)
A: Go over U2S3 final quiz.  
1. www.cram.com search jclark1pnhs "biochemistry unit"  (laptops B,O or load this app on your phone - super powerful awesome tool) ....COMPLETE flashcard practice, test, and games (at least 25 minutes, but more is better :)  -  
2. Unit review sheet *get stamped and grade -  
3. Vocab star & triangle work (review for test)
TUES 10/27
WU: Which part of the lipid is hydrophobic (water fearing)?
A:  Work on unit review - get stamped - grade,    www.cram.com jclark1pnhs     -finish star and triangle work      .....buddy study!   TEST TOMORROW!!! 
WED 10/28
WU:  Chemical reactions involve the breaking of ___________ in the reactants and the making of bonds in the products.
A:  DUE: Notes, taskwork, unit review & vocab triangle baggy (staple & turn in)  -  Unit 2 TEST 
THUR 10/29
WU:  If you don't USE the sugar (carbo) energy you take in, what macromolecule does it BECOME to store that energy?
A: Video: Fed Up  
FRI 10/30
DUE: WU:  An example of a polysaccharide is _________________________.  Waxes and steroids are examples of ___________________.
A:  Learner reflections - Unit 2 test corrections - CELLS!!!  Unit 3 intro and segment 1 work time
MON 11/2
WU:  Compare and contrast these two types of cells (prokaryotic and eukaryotic).
Image result for prokaryotic cell vs eukaryotic cell venn diagram
A:  3 min video: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ-SMCmWB1s) Prokaryote vs eukaryote Venn Diagram -   U3S1 taskwork time - BE SURE to get all taskwork completed AND graded (including the practice quiz) TODAY before you leave!  U3S1 FINAL QUIZ tomorrow!
Up to 2% pts extra credit: If you haven't scored 20/20 on taskpackets, review & notes for unit 1 & 2, your only option is to ask me for the materials back and to complete them.  If you've earned 20/20 for both units, your extra credit option will be provided to you tomorrow :) DUE THUR
TUES 11/3
WU:  List the 3 parts of the cell theory.
A: U3S1 FINAL QUIZ - U3S2 intro - Taskwork time   
**There is a LOT of taskwork for this segment...make sure you are tackling this on a nightly basis too!
WED 11/4
WU:  Which type of cell has organelles?  What exactly ARE organelles?
A: Quick pre-quiz (poll class) - Organelle card work & matching  -
7 min Organelles video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URUJD5NEXC8)...fill out companion sheet  (re-poll class) -  
U3S2 taskwork time  -  CRAM IT!! flashcard practice on organelles!! http://www.cram.com/flashcards/eukaryotic-cell-organelles-6428289
    ...what will you work on tonight?
MON 11/9
WU:  This picture is an analogy for which organelle?  Defend this.
A:  (laptops B,O) virtual Cell Internet Investigation http://www.ibiblio.org/virtualcell/tour/cell/cell.htm (turn in)  HW: work on U3S2 taskwork  ...final QUIZ FRIDAY
TUES 11/10
WU:  How will prokaryotic cells compare to eukaryotic cells under the microscope (do you think)?
A:  LAB: learn the microscope!  - examine prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells on low/medium/high power, make drawings   
 CRAM IT!! flashcard practice on organelles!! http://www.cram.com/flashcards/eukaryotic-cell-organelles-6428289
WED 11/11
WU:  What objective lens do you always start with?  What adjustment knob should you use to start with?
A: LAB: review microscope - learn how to make a wet mount slide - Cheek Cells (plant vs animal) cells!  - review organelles -  HW: U3S2 Taskwork    
CRAM IT!! flashcard practice on organelles!! http://www.cram.com/flashcards/eukaryotic-cell-organelles-6428289
THUR 11/12
WU:  Fill in the table with organelles.
 Plant   Both Animal
A: review organelles - Organelle drawings ID - Onion cell portion of the lab  HW: finish taskwork  - U3S2 FINAL QUIZ TOMORROW!
 CRAM IT!! flashcard practice on organelles!! http://www.cram.com/flashcards/eukaryotic-cell-organelles-6428289
FRI 11/13
DUE: WU:  Are plant and animal cells eukaryotic or prokaryotic?   Explain.
A: Finish grading,stamping practice quizzing and studying!!  - U3S2 FINAL QUIZ (end of hour)
 CRAM IT!! flashcard practice on organelles!! http://www.cram.com/flashcards/eukaryotic-cell-organelles-6428289
MON 11/16
WU:  What is the theory that explains how mitochondria and chloroplasts likely were prokaryotic cells that over time became embedded into eukaryotic cells as organelles?
A: U3S2 Final QUIZ -  Cell membrane & Passive transport - U3S3 Taskwork time
TUES 11/17
WU:  Diffusion is a form of passive transport where particles move from a _____________ concentration to a ____________ concentration.
A:  Passive Transport 7 min video clip (fill out companion sheet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suckY-l_rsM  -Cell transport graphic organizer (together)  -   Osmosis and diffusion examples  
EXTRA CREDIT EXPERIMENT OPPORTUNITY: https://youtu.be/SrON0nEEWmo TAKE PICTURES OF YOU DOING THIS EXPERIMENT (photograph the steps to remove the shell, and the daily images while in the syrup, write up short summary of what exactly is happening via osmosis, print & submit, or google share, or email it to me.  DUE TUESDAY after Thanksgiving).
WED 11/18
WU:  Draw this diagram and indicate which direction the water will move with an arrow.  Is this a hypotonic, hypertonic, or isotonic solution?
(inside cell)      (outside cell)
{GREEN = solute, BLUE = water}
A:  Start practice examples (together) - Active Transport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bmp2_T0c7k  - Endocytosis/Exocytosis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpw2p1x9Cic  phagocytosis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_mXDvZQ6dU  - Finish cell transport graphic organizer - U3S3 Taskwork time
THUR 11/19
WU:  How are pinocytosis and phagocytosis similar?  ...Different?
A:  Stations Practice - U3S3 taskwork time ...U3S3 Final QUIZ tomorrow!  Be sure to finish all taskwork and grade everything before you leave today!
FRI 11/20
WU:  Passive transport allows for movement from _______ concentration to ______ concentration.  Active transport allows for movement from _______ concentration to ______ concentration.
A: U3S3 FINAL QUIZ  Station Reviews (prokaryotic cell, eukaryotic cell, plant cell, animal cell, passive transport, active transport, cell theory & endosymbiotic theory)
  www.cram.com  search "dhertel" (this is WHOLE UNIT cells)  OR search "poulsenscience" (this is ONLY SEG 2 eukaryotic organelles)  -  Unit review & vocab work
MON 11/23
WU:  Which type of cellular transport allows materials to move against the concentration gradient?
A: Why do cells divide? discuss - Unit review & vocab work time  -GRADE review (get stamp) ...Unit 3 TEST tomorrow!!
TUES 11/24
WU:  In a hypertonic solution, water will move _____________ the cell.  The concentration of water is HIGHER ____________ the cell. 
A: DUE: taskpacket, unit review, notes -  Unit 3 TEST