FRI 5/17: video project ...DUE MON

THUR 5/16: video project

WED 5/15: video project

TUES 5/14: work on video project

MON 5/13: video project 


FRI 5/10: work on video project

THUR 5/9: work time video project

WED 5/8: Intro video project:)

TUES 5/7: IB ESS EXAM Paper 2 (case study)

Individuals taking IB exam move to back lab space...study!

Individuals taking MY exam, stay in desk area, clear off desk and take Paper 2 exam.

Bagels and cream cheese available in the back room!

MON 5/6: IB ESS EXAM Paper 1


FRI 5/3 (1/2 day): NO Class

THUR 5/2: Practice IB EXAM

WED 5/1: Mark 5,6,7 quiz  HW: Practice IB EXAM

TUES 4/30: Topic 5,6,7 quiz

MON 4/29: DUE: Topic 7 focus notes...discuss


FRI 4/26: DUE: Topic 6 focus notes

Discuss Topic 6 focus notes     DEMO greenhouse effect

HW: Topic 7 focus notes ...Due Mon

THUR 4/25: WMU guest speakers 

HW: Topic 6 focus notes ...due tomorrow

WED 4/24: Topic 5 Practice Quiz ...access to answer key..TURN IN BY MONDAY

TUES 4/23: DUE: 5.7-5.8 focus notes

Discuss 5.7-5.8 focus notes

MON 4/22: Discuss 5.4-5.6 focus notes

HW: 5.7-5.8 focus notes


FRI 4/19: DUE: 5.4-5.6 focus notes  

Indicator species activity... 

THUR 4/18: 5.4-5.6 focus notes ...due tomorrow!

WED 4/17: Discuss 5.1-5.3 focus notes

EXTRA CREDIT: collect macroinvertebrates from the creek and bring them in FRIDAY!! 

TUES 4/16: Mark your case study!

MON 4/15: DUE: Topic 5 focus notes 5.1-5.3..turn in

PED powerpoint...a new system you will enjoy! :)

Topic 4 Case Study #2 (work through together...due tomorrow)


FRI 4/12: Mark your case study!

THUR 4/11: Topic 5 focus notes 5.1-5.3

WED 4/10: Topic 4 case study  ...finish has HW

TUE 4/9: Topic 4 practice quiz ....finish at home and check your answers from the key on this site

MON 4/8: DUE: Topic 4 focus notes ....discuss

DUE: Human footprint


SPRING BREAK ASSIGNMENT: Topic 4 NOTES (ALL) DUE at the end of break! :) ...feel the IB LOVE!!

Calculate your human footprint: Pick one, and other is e.c. ...print out evidence of completion. 



WED 3/27: Finish up lab ...turn in

Work on Topic 4 focus notes...due right after break

TUES 3/26: Windmill Lab

MON 3/25: Windmill Lab


FRI 3/20: Windmill lab

THUR 3/19: DUE: soil analysis

Windmill lab

WED 3/18: Finish soil lab tests, finish lab questions and analysis       

still have time? -work on Topic 4 focus notes

TUES 3/17: HW: Topic 4 Focus Notes (DUE at end of spring break)         

HW: Soil lab analysis sheet and finish lab (any questions for all parts except 6&7

Soil Lab (Part 4 all, finish part 8 ....enter in data into google docs ...write an analysis comparing your soil to others and speculate why; should be 2-3 paragraphs and connect data to what you are saying...DUE THUR)

MON 3/16: soil lab (finish Part 2 & 3, Part 8 start) ...if you didn't do part 5, do it too!


3/15: Soil Lab (Part 1 ALL, Part 2 start, Part 3 start, part 5 all)

3/14: 3.3-3.6 QUIZ

3/13: DUE: #11-14 ...review

3/12: DUE: #5-10 practice quiz...review

3/11: Discuss practice quiz homework.  Work through more practice quiz (together).

HW: Finish practice quiz

HW: Get soil sample (sandwich bag size) from a location near you!


3/8: Present! Start practice quiz (together)...HW: Work through #2-4 on practice quiz

3/7: no class

3/6: present!

3/5: no class

3/4: Present!


FRI 3/1: Notes over 3.7

THUR 2/28: Present!

WED 2/27: DUE: handout and quiz


TUES 2/26: (laptops) project ...due tomorrow 

Print handout and quiz for tomorrow!

Presentations start tomorrow!

THUR 2/21: (laptops) project ...another work day TUES, project due WED

WED 2/20: Intro 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 project...sign up for groups and topics   (laptops) work time

TUES 2/19: 3.2 QUIZ 

MON 2/18: Finish 3.2 focus notes discussions 

3.2 practice quiz


2/15: DUE: 3.2 focus notes...discuss

2/14: 3.2 Focus notes

2/13: 3.1 QUIZ  

2/12: DUE: pop research

3.1 practice quiz

2/11: (laptops) work on research...due tomorrow  ...print a copy please (do not submit it to turn it in)


2/8: (laptops) pop research...DUE TUES

2/7: Turn in biozone pages

(laptops) pop research

2/6: Discuss pop control article

HW: biozone 85, 89-90

2/5: DUE: 177 & 178 ...turn in   

Discuss Demographic Transition Model (do cc 180)

HW: read population control

2/4: DUE: Discuss biozone pages and pg 168 To Do   ...also check 3.1 notes complete
Population Pyramids 
HW: To Do pg 177, 178
2/1: Discuss 7 billion
HW: biozone page 91-94 & To do (pg 168)

1/31: No school

1/30: (cc pg 165-183 covers all of 3.1, HW: make your own notes) 
Look over exam
Human pop calculator 
Topic 3 human pop notes
HW: read 7 billion

1/29: no class

1/28: no school

4/9 - be sure that you finish the Topic 4 practice quiz at home.  The answer key is in the Topic 4 link above. You will not be formally testing in class on this topic so it is important to complete the practice!

Calculate your human footprint: Pick one, and other is e.c. ...print out evidence of completion. DUE at the end of break.



3/17: Topic 4 will be covered on your own and reviewed after break.  Topic 4 focus notes will be handed out today and DUE at the end of break.

2/12: Both the Jar and the Abiotic lab are GRADED!! WOOT! ..and in the book!  ...if you did NOT submit this lab...DO IT NOW!

2/6: Clear out your files.  Your report cards are in there :)

2/1: Be sure to have 3.1 notes 
(over cc 165-183) complete by Monday

1/30: Both labs (Jar and Abiotic) will go in 3rd marking period.